Flaunting Your Life

Flaunting your life means being proud of who you are. Happy in yourself. Content with who you are and what you like. We are all just books still being written. What happens in the next chapter is up to you. Make it a good one!

A Very Wet Spring

This Spring has been the complete opposite from 2021. Can you say “drippy” ?? The garden is loving all the rain we’re having here in the Pacific Northwest. The trees are happy following last year’s heat dome and extreme temperatures. It is as if mother nature knew they needed a break. Give ’em a good…

Reading A Day of Mystery

Challenge yourself with a bit of mystery. Whether in a novel where someone has a mysterious past or mysterious motives or a murder mystery whodunnit, a little bit of mystery makes for a fun read, can challenge your little gray cells, and can be a real page-turner. Set aside an afternoon with perhaps a pot…

Lumos Winery, Philomath OR

Our photo of the week – a glorious view of the coast range foothills near Philomath, Oregon taken at Lumos Winery. Lumos Winery, Philomath OR

Spring is SO close, but my hands are still SO cold.

Spring is hovering on the horizon… so close you can almost see it, but it keeps getting pushed away with a breath of wind. The garden in March is slowly starting to wake up – with my few sparse crocus blooms and pulmonarias sneaking tentative blooms out above the foliage. This biggest joy to awaken…

Life quote of the day: get out more

If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet. Rachel Wolchin I created this image because I am a lover of both nature and travel. I am not an extensive traveler, nor a great hiker – but I do completely agree with the sentiment. While I love watching travel…

1,000 Pieces of Design

Fabulous illustrated puzzles are affordable little works of art. Here are a few of my favorites!

Books on My Reading To-Do List

Need inspiration? See what books are on my reading to-do list. I’ve narrowed down my list to just a few ideas that maybe will get you started on finding your next great read.

The Beatles & Art of the CD

I have always loved the Beatles and after watching the “Get Back” documentary filmed in early 1969, I was inspired to reorganize their last two albums into what I feel like is a better blended playlist than what ended up being released. I guess I like to sort things…