Flaunting Your Life

Flaunting your life means being proud of who you are. Happy in yourself. Content with who you are and what you like. We are all just books still being written. What happens in the next chapter is up to you. Make it a good one!

Travel Accessories

Traveling this summer?  If you don’t fly often, you may not know about some great new products that can make flying in that cramped little space just a little bit easier! Our friends at Best of the Northwest  have gathered 12 travel accessories you just might need when flying this summer.  

Toe or Foot Surgery Options

Following toe surgery or a foot injury, your doctor may put you into a medical orthopedic shoe.  Aren’t they lovely?  But you do have options . . . with a cover made by Flaunt Boots who specialize in stylish covers that slip over your medical boot or medical shoe without covering the tread.  This Monet style comes…

Motivational Quote: See the world!

Get out and see the world.  It changes your perspectives. The more we interact with others, the kinder and more understanding we will become.  It puts today’s news into perspective. An earthquake in Italy?  Wow… I’ve been there!  A riot in Paris?  I’ve stood in that same spot!  A wildfire in the Columbia River Gorge?…

Flower of the Day: Golden Chain

Oh happy day!  The Golden Chain tree is starting to bloom!  I love this time of year when every day brings something new and glorious to see in the garden. May is surely the most magical month!

Happy May Day!

I have fond memories as a little girl, cutting flowers from our yard and putting them in a homemade paper cone to hang on the neighbor’s doorknob and run away.  May Day was a special day that is, unfortunately, somewhat forgotten on today’s youth.  I do hope that the young parents of today do not…

Travel for the Soul

I just returned from a spur-of-the-moment trip to France to stay a week in the quiet little village of Meursault in the heart of Burgundy’s wine region. A full day’s travel to get there, but it felt more like traveling back in time hundreds of years. The town sits on a small hill, with the…

Flower of the Day: Crabapple

The crabapple “Prairiefire” is a torch of color in the mid-spring.  The small tree is filled with dark pink blossoms.  This is more of an ornamental tree, as the crabapples are really no more than ¼” across and do not make a mess below.  It turns a nice fall color too.