Flaunting Your Life

Flaunting your life means being proud of who you are. Happy in yourself. Content with who you are and what you like. We are all just books still being written. What happens in the next chapter is up to you. Make it a good one!

Motivation Monday: Travel Now

Travel and explore the world whenever you have the opportunity.

Organizing the Sewing Area: Pt 1

Organizing my work area is a priority this new year. My sewing area in particular needs help. I’ve found some ideas for organizing that might just help those sewers out there…

Retro Christmas Party Playlist

We love holiday music!  But after a while, you can get tired of hearing the same versions over and over. This season we’ve been listening to retro versions that are all great songs in their own right, just don’t get quite as much airtime.  Seek out these songs and maybe you’ll find a new holiday…

Holiday Movies: Find Your Christmas Magic

Hallmark style Christmas and Holiday Movies – find your style. Does it involve ghosts or visits from angels? How about a secret wish come true? Do you love alternate universe type movies? We’ve got the watch list!

Write That Christmas Card Letter

It’s almost time to send out Christmas cards to those friends and family you care about.  Technology has made it easier to send e-cards digitally, but they lack any joy on the recipient’s part.  Who gets excited to open another email?  A card in the hand is worth two dozen emails on your computer.  Or…

My Thankful November

For the entire month of November, I have been writing one post per day on my personal Facebook page, explaining one thing I am thankful for. It has been a challenging exercise in several different ways. Balancing listing items I am thankful for between being too heartfelt (I’m thankful I’m alive) and too simplistic (I’m…