Flaunting Your Life

Flaunting your life means being proud of who you are. Happy in yourself. Content with who you are and what you like. We are all just books still being written. What happens in the next chapter is up to you. Make it a good one!

Autumn Fashion: From Casual to Formal

Fall Fashions are easy even when you are recovering from an ankle injury. Our boot covers can help you keep that injured foot warmer and drier in Autumn weather.  We want to help you heal beautifully!   FlauntBoots.com

The Beauty of Autumn

This  Autumn has been truly magical in the Pacific Northwest. For whatever reason – our mild summer, wet September, dry first two weeks of October, cooler than normal – all have conspired to create the perfect conditions for vibrant fall colors. Everywhere I’ve been the Japanese maples seem oranger, the witch hazel seems yellower, the…

Autumn Rain + Ankle Injury

The cool and often wet weather of Autumn can bring that little extra bit of challenge to a recovery (you didn’t need) following an ankle injury.  Having to use crutches is one thing, but once you’ve moved “up” to a medical walking boot, new problems are created. Here are some fashionable solutions! Wet. Rain. Puddles….

Motivation Monday: Under construction

  I like this quote as it can be taken in three ways. You are recovering from an injury and slowly being rebuilt one bad ankle, knee, or misc. body part at a time. You are under emotional reconstruction after a traumatic time in your life. You are in the midst of a never-ending search…