15 Gift Ideas for Someone After Surgery

Slip in the bathroom? Fall while playing tennis? Tripped on the stairs? There are hundreds of ways to injure an ankle or foot year-round.  If you know someone who has an injury, or might have to be put into a medical boot, we’ve gathered some great ideas to help cheer them up.  Some are small items to put into a gift basket, or use as a single present. When a friend is hurting, give a little love!

  1. Microwave warming lavender neck wrap.  Friends can soothe aching muscles and enjoy a little aromatherapy while at it. This pretty version is available on Etsy for $19.50 by Hattie and Elsieil_570xn.1770712719_j3pc

2. Lip balm – When you are laid up, personal items like lip balm and hand lotion are welcome gifts. I like this organic mint lip balm – about $3 each by Portland Bee Balm Or available on Amazon in Oregon Mint and Solar Eclipse Unscented with SPF15:

Click on image for details

3. A silky pajama cover just for medical boots. If they are in a medical walking boot, they might have to wear their boot at night too. This smooth cover will help keep the day’s dirt out the bed and also keep from snagging blankets with the velcro. They come in beautiful colors and most are just $20 by Flaunt Boots

cheetah side burned

4. Chocolate. Need I say more? Who wouldn’t like a nice bit of organic fair trade chocolate? Chocolate is a necessary part of recovery.  About $3 by Theo Chocolate


5. A nice cup of tea – especially in a variety pack so you can try new flavors like these from Zhena’s Gypsy Tea.  Sampler $7 available at CostPlus World Market


6. The Book of Myself – a journal with writing prompts to tell your story and family history. Your friend will have plenty of down time, so it’s a good time to start writing! Available at Amazon:

Click on image for details

7. A lap desk would sure be handy for someone sitting in a recliner all day… This is a nice one from Etsy $35 and made in Maryland by EnKore Sign


8. Aromatherapy: A nice aromatherapy fragrance to help relieve tension and relax. I found this pretty roll on version for $13 at Etsy shop Frequency Spray


9.  Electric Tea Kettle in handy personal size 3.5 cup they can keep near them. The last thing they will want to do is get up and down, up and down.  By Chantal for about $30 available at Target

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 5.11.28 PM

10.  Something to drink: How about something special? A variety pack of artisan drinking chocolate  in unique flavors available online at TreeHouse Chocolate


11. Something to read. There is something about holding a good old paperback in your hands. I like Agatha Christie mysteries myself. Most people like a little mystery – especially as hers do not involve gory details. New authors have been authorized to write new stories involving her characters.  Try one of these new ones!  About $12 at Amazon.com:

Click on image for details

12. A new movie to watch. There isn’t always the best selection on t.v. and limited variety of classics on Netflix.  Two of my favorite old comedies include a Cary Grant one that isn’t on t.v. often called “Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer” and a Ray Milland/Loretta Young comedy “The Doctor Takes a Wife.” Both are available for $9-14 on Amazon.com:

Click on image for details

13.  A new pair of fun socks.  Most likely, they’ll be spending an unusual amount of time lounging and watching t.v.  These funny socks might be just the perfect gift! Only about $6 on Amazon.com:

Click image for details

14. Organizing tote.  While recovering, they’ll need a lot of stuff close at hand – from reading glasses, books, magazines, remotes, phones, hand lotion, tissues, etc.  Corral it all in one tote with handles easy to grab.  We like this slightly smaller size with great looks found on Amazon only about $20: 

Click on image for details

15. Ice Pack Cover.  After surgery, many people need to apply ice or heat.  I love this cover found on Etsy.   The gel pack (included with purchase) slips right inside to keep the wetness and immediate cold off the skin. About $12 on  The Craft TartKemper on Etsy.com

Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 12.40.38 PM

Please note, I do not receive compensation for mentioning these products in my blog, except from Amazon from which I would receive small compensation if you purchase from the link.  I enjoy sharing items I would like, and maybe you will too.

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