Christmas Mantel: Setting the Stage

The hearth is the heart of the home.  Everyone seems to gather ’round the fireplace during the holidays.  The mantel is a primary decorating spot where you can spotlight a favorite ornament, a treasured item, show off a collection, or you can try something new every year.  While no two homes decorate for Christmas in the same way, there are inspirations to take from each photo, whether you prefer traditional red and green, bright and shiny, or a woodland natural look.  Try something new this year! Here are some ideas to inspire you.

A country antique natural look
The jolly ol’ elf in happy colors
A simple collection of red and white
The magical evergreen forest
A window frame, lights, and simple color theme
Perfectly hung ornaments against a white wall
A mirror, giant star, and a nativity as centerpiece
The natural look with live plants
A modern look with bottle brush trees in paint card hues
Jolly and happy colors with simple wrapped “gifts” as backdrop
A monochromatic winter white scene
One framed artwork and greenery
Elegant two-tones with simple centerpiece of ornaments in a vase
Use creative lettering
Traditional red and greens with black accents
Show off your collection – group together nutcrackers, santas, snowmen or any theme you love
One great garland can make a mantel special

Obviously, you don’t want to have anything flammable hanging down near the fire if you actually use your fireplace like I do.  If you have an open flame fireplace, you may want to think about smoke damage that might occur to items on the mantel. If you have a collection of Santas on the mantel – you don’t want their white whiskers turning gray from smoke.  I’ve learned not to place a white flocked garland on the fireplace the hard way.  Yep, it was scarred by smoke. Also – some bloggers may do a stage setting for their photos that aren’t terribly realistic – like having a fire blazing away with no fireplace screen in use, or lots of flammables sitting right next to the fireplace opening.  Just use your common sense.

Happy decorating!


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