An Artisan Christmas?

This year I am trying very hard to purchase more artisan-made gifts, both through Etsy or locally.  I am a believer in the ShopSmall movement and support Small Business Saturday more than Black Friday sales. While it is easier to go to a big department store or mall and get everything at once,   I am feeling more like I want to support the mom and pop stores or local artists than the products seemingly all made in China nowadays. Being a small business co-owner myself (shameless self promotion plug below…) and a wanna-be pen and ink artist, I want to support like-minded people.  Luckily I live near Portland, Oregon where artisan made is easy to find.

The people on my list are of an age right now where they really don’t need stuff.  They are mostly 14-23 yrs old and don’t have an apartment to set up yet.  Kids don’t buy cds or dvds anymore. We already own any board games they might want to play.  If I knew a book they’d like to read, I would happily buy them a book, but those in high school still have had the joy of reading drilled out of them to the point they no longer read for pleasure.  It is a sad thing, but I digress. And so, my shopping choices have been more difficult.  When out shopping some artisan fairs this week, I found a few necklaces I liked and decided my nieces would all receive a handmade necklace.  I found three necklaces from 3 different vendors.  I sure do hope they like them!  My youngest niece will get a soft, furry lap blanket, because who doesn’t love a brand new soft furry lap blanket in the winter!


The necklace on the left has a real piece of wood embedded inside.  The middle one is an etched metal image of Mt. Hood.  The right one has a opalescent shell bead with a dainty gold ring.

The header photo I used is something I bought on Etsy to use as my 2018 Christmas ornament.  I love vintage, and the red and green image seemed just right.

Shameless plug:  My online artisan business is a company called Flaunt Boots & Accessories I started with my sister, Dana. If you know someone in a medical walking boot, keep us in mind! We make gorgeous covers and pajama boot covers too.


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  1. Hi Dawn & Dana. I hope your business is going well, esp @ this time of year. I do like this ornament you showed. it beats the one I wrote about in my December story last week. I’m trying to get an idea how big it is though. Am I correct that it’s about 2 inches wide?

    If you’re stressing over the holiday, you can likely feel better by using my experience as an, “at lease I didn’t do that. . .” example. If interested in a bit of a laugh, Here’s the link and it should take no more than 10 minutes to read:
    Regardless, have a great Christmas


    1. Hi Gary,
      Yes the ornament is about 2.5″ wide and about 1″ high. I believe it is intended as a necklace, but I wanted to use it as an ornament. I have to guess on the size, because funny thing… my husband and son were helping decorate the tree and managed to pack that box (with ornament still inside) into the bin and back into the garage. I have yet to go recover it. It was such a small little box!


  2. Those necklaces are lovely! I wouldn’t mind having all three!


    1. Thank you, hopefully the nieces will like them too!


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