Keeping Your Cool in a Medical Boot

Summertime is a beautiful time, filled with trips to the beach, s’mores by the campfire, hiking to a beautiful viewpoint, laying by the pool, jumping in the lake, road trips, and eating dinner outside.  Right?  Well, most of those picture-perfect summer moments are a LOT harder to do when your doctor just put you into a medical boot.  Whether you twisted your ankle on a hike, fell off your mountain bike, or just took a stair step the wrong way, accidents happen.  Being in a medical boot in the midst of summer heat is not how you planned on spending your summer.  Here are a few ideas to help you manage the uncomfortable summer heat while you’re recovering:

Beat the heat:

1.   Drape a flexible gel ice pack on your bare toes, thigh, or neck. Cooling other parts of your body will help cool your lower leg too.  You want one that does not get wet on the outside but feels cold to the touch. A flexible therapy wrap like this might do the trick. It is available on

2. When sitting at home, point a small fan aimed at your foot.  While any fan will do, we like this one because it has a remote control so you can turn it off while reclined. Anything to help reduce the times you have to move, right? Also available on Amazon.
3.   Get out and about with a cute cover to help hide your medical boot.  It can’t make it go away entirely (nothing can except time) but it can help you feel better while you are dressing to go out. Flaunt Boots has two great summer options – one in ivory and one in black, both made from lightweight, breathable material.



4.   Cooling gel pads are marketed mostly for your pets to lay on, but try laying your foot on top of one of these mats while elevating your foot.  The cooling mat should help your leg too! See details on Amazon by clicking the photo.

5. For night time cooling, or when you have to elevate your leg, you can also try a cooling memory foam pillow underneath your leg. It will feel much better than resting on a heat-inducing blanket.

6.   Watch a movie that takes place at the Arctic.  Or break out the Christmas movies.  Anything with snow.  It just might help take your mind off it for a bit!

Things NOT to do without your doctor’s okay:

  • Sprinkle powders down inside your cast or boot
  • Immerse any part of your boot in water
  • Tuck ice cubes inside your boot
  • Wrap your boot in a wet towel
  • Use a misting fan

The idea is to not get your boot wet.  As wonderful as that sounds, it will only cause problems with your skin and any open wounds.

If you have any tips for how to stay cool in the summer while wearing a medical boot, we’d love to hear them!  We love passing along tips to our customers and others suffering from an injury.

medical boot covers to hide walking boot cast in summer heat
Look good while you heal!

Flaunt Boots medical boot covers to help keep your aircast or medical walking boot drier and looking good too


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