Rainy Fashions: Dry is Good

When you’ve been injured and put into a medical walking boot, a rainy day can be a good thing….for awhile.  And then reality sets in and you have to head out despite the weather. There are plenty of PT appointments, desperate needs for a good latte, and grocery shopping trips for ice cream. Heading out…

Motivation Monday: New Doors

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Flower Combinations: July

In July, my garden is doing pretty well as the high heat has not hit with any consistency yet.  The flowers are still looking good and I have not had to do much hand watering.  The dallies are just starting – there are so many different varieties I love trying to find the right companion…

Flower of the day: Foxglove

The last of the foxgloves are hanging on.  We’ve had unusually mild temperatures in the Pacific Northwest lately, so they’re lasting longer than usual.  Happy bees!

Life on the Lake

If you are lucky enough to live near water – especially near a lake, you’ll love our Pinterest board full of great ideas. We see life on the lake as a friendly, happy, casual but chic place – a place to sit and relax with a glass of wine, a place to watch the kids…