Pull a Up a Seat

Pull Up a Seat photo challenge This Autumn we had especially good colors and a long fall color season here in The Pacific Northwest. I managed to catch a photo of this Japanese maple showing off in my side yard – glowing in the sun. It is days like this that make gardening worth the…

Fashion Friday: Warm Casual

Fashion tips for recovering from an ankle surgery or ankle injury. We’ve created greats fashion styles for dressing with a medical boot. Our covers will help keep your injured foot warm and dry while you recover.

Ah the morning sun!

What a glorious day! The sun is shining and it’s a perfect Autumn day. Enjoy!

Easy to Find Beauty

This time of year, it is so easy to find beauty everywhere…even in a high school parking lot like this one.  No need for a fancy camera.  No need to doctor the photo with filters or push the “enhance” feature on your phone.  When the sun peeps out from behind stormy skies, the colors just…

Welcome October!

I love Autumn and wandering around the garden watching the colors change almost daily, cup of coffee in hand, camera around my neck.  The colors aren’t quite in full-on mode quite yet, but there is plenty of Autumn color to enjoy.  And enjoy, I shall!  

Happy First Day of Autumn!

The first day of Autumn means Snygg Boot cover season! Our Snygg boot covers your medical boot or orthopedic boot to keep your foot warm and dry. Look great and feel comfortable in a warm boot cover while you recover from your ankle injury!

We Love Autumn!

Flaunt Boots can help keep you looking great this fall, as well as keep your injured foot warm and dry this season. Cover your medical boot after an injury with a fashionable cover by Flaunt.