Fashion Friday: Warm Casual

Fashion tips for recovering from an ankle surgery or ankle injury. We’ve created greats fashion styles for dressing with a medical boot. Our covers will help keep your injured foot warm and dry while you recover.

Fashion on Friday

10 Fashion Inspirations for Autumn What to wear when you are in a medical boot The weather is changing and Autumn has arrived in many parts of the country.  After an ankle injury or foot surgery, being in a walking boot can put a cramp on your fashion style.  You can still look great by…

10 Rainy Day Fashion Sets

Life with a medical walking boot: After an ankle or foot injury, being in a walking boot is no fun – especially in the rain. Flaunt Boot covers can help you stay warm and dry and still looking great!

Summer Trouble: Hiding a Medical Boot

An ankle or foot injury can ruin your summer. Hide your ugly medical boot with a stylish and lightweight cover that lets the air flow freely while you recover.

Rainy Day Fashion

After ankle or foot surgery, the rainy days of spring shouldn’t keep you indoors. Cover your medical walking boot with a water resistant cover to help keep you warm and dry, then dress up and head out!