Flower of the Day: Crabapple

The crabapple “Prairiefire” is a torch of color in the mid-spring.  The small tree is filled with dark pink blossoms.  This is more of an ornamental tree, as the crabapples are really no more than ¼” across and do not make a mess below.  It turns a nice fall color too.

Flower of the Day: Tree peony

Every year I can’t wait for the tree peony to bloom.  It’s large blossoms are about 6″ across and look so delicate.  The tree peony is different from herbaceous peonies, as it is more like  a small shrub.

Flower of the day: Ribes

The ribes, or native currant, is a shrub with beautiful pink flowers in the spring. It does not  have a fragrance of such, but the pink blossoms are so welcome in the spring!

Flower of the Day: Apricot Hellebore

The Easter-colored pale perfection of the apricot colored hellebore.  Each bloom has a slightly different coloring, making the flower’s uniqueness even more so.

Flower of the Day: Camellia

The beautiful camellia. Shown against a backdrop of alders, the camellia sits on the edge of the woods in my backyard.  A bright spot of color in dappled shade.  It’s only fault?  No fragrance.  But it’s rose-like blooms are so delicate and pretty.  

Pull a Up a Seat

Pull Up a Seat photo challenge This Autumn we had especially good colors and a long fall color season here in The Pacific Northwest. I managed to catch a photo of this Japanese maple showing off in my side yard – glowing in the sun. It is days like this that make gardening worth the…

Welcome October!

I love Autumn and wandering around the garden watching the colors change almost daily, cup of coffee in hand, camera around my neck.  The colors aren’t quite in full-on mode quite yet, but there is plenty of Autumn color to enjoy.  And enjoy, I shall!