What type of patient are you?

What type of person are you when you are faced with adversity or need to heal after an injury? Are you one to retreat and lounge? Or are you one to ignore it as much as possible?

Keeping Your Foot Dry

Bare toes can be exposed in a medical boot. Don’t add insult to injury. You deserve to be warm and dry while you are recovering from an ankle injury or foot surgery. Covering your medical boot can really help. We understand being in a medical boot isn’t fun (our founder injured her ankle playing tennis)…

Happy While Healing

Oops. You are in a medical walking boot. You’ve injured yourself. How you deal with your healing process is up to you. Give in and feel miserable or go at it and conquer it.

Christmas Sweater for Your Toes!

So we had some fun and made a Christmas sweater just in time for those holiday parties. When you are in a medical boot, you don’t want to miss out on the fun! Call us silly, but we’re in the Christmas mood!

The Fashion of Medical Boots

A tip while recovering from ankle surgery or injury. Cover your medical boot or aircast in a stylish boot cover from Flaunt Boots

Fashion Friday: Warm Casual

Fashion tips for recovering from an ankle surgery or ankle injury. We’ve created greats fashion styles for dressing with a medical boot. Our covers will help keep your injured foot warm and dry while you recover.