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Thoughts on Thursday

Quote: Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloudy day Help someone make it through a bad day because we’ve all had one of those days.

Motivation in Life

Whether it’s your health, your weight, your job, your garden, or any other aspect of your life… never be complacent.


It is easy to get cozy in your comfort zone, but we all need reminders to step out of that zone and try something new. Meet new people. Try something new. Mingle. Learn. Travel. Grow.  Find new ways to bring meaning to your life.

10 Ways to Add a Little Joy in January

10 Simple ways to make your January a little less blah, a little more joyful. Sometimes we just need a little reminder how to get out of a rut and making ourselves happy.

New Year Motivation

Think forward to next December. What memories and stories do you want to read about in the story of your 2019? Start writing your book of life tomorrow… learn something new, explore someplace new, make a new friend, discover a new favorite place, or try a new adventure.