Christmas Sweater for Your Toes!

So we had some fun and made a Christmas sweater just in time for those holiday parties. When you are in a medical boot, you don’t want to miss out on the fun! Call us silly, but we’re in the Christmas mood!

The Fashion of Medical Boots

A tip while recovering from ankle surgery or injury. Cover your medical boot or aircast in a stylish boot cover from Flaunt Boots

Fashion Friday: Warm Casual

Fashion tips for recovering from an ankle surgery or ankle injury. We’ve created greats fashion styles for dressing with a medical boot. Our covers will help keep your injured foot warm and dry while you recover.

Flaunting Your Life via Pinterest

At Flaunt Boots, we are more than just about selling boot covers. We are also about healing your spirit.  Explore our variety of lifestyle ideas we’ve curated on Pinterest.  We’ve gathered the prettiest and happiest ideas to perk your spirits, inspire your day, and motivate your creativity. Follow our boards on Pinterest for inspiration.  You’ll…

Colder Weather = Cold Toes

When the weather turns cold, cover your exposed toes when in a medical boot with a water resistant cover to help keep your foot warm and dry.

Weekend Coffee Share: Halloween Season

Well, it is officially Halloween season, so I should probably break out the decorations this weekend.  I enjoy decorating (mine all have a vintage look) but I don’t get too excited for Halloween anymore now that the kids are older. My youngest is turning 17 soon.  I asked him if he and his friends were…

Keep Warm and Enjoy Your Down Time

Grab a good book and get out and enjoy the beauty of Autumn while you have some forced down time. Keep those bare toes warm by covering your medical boot with a warm and soft cover by Flaunt Boots while you recover from an ankle or foot injury. Heal beautifully!