Thoughts on Thursday

Quote: Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloudy day Help someone make it through a bad day because we’ve all had one of those days.

Keeping Your Foot Dry

Bare toes can be exposed in a medical boot. Don’t add insult to injury. You deserve to be warm and dry while you are recovering from an ankle injury or foot surgery. Covering your medical boot can really help. We understand being in a medical boot isn’t fun (our founder injured her ankle playing tennis)…

Motivation in Life

Whether it’s your health, your weight, your job, your garden, or any other aspect of your life… never be complacent.


It is easy to get cozy in your comfort zone, but we all need reminders to step out of that zone and try something new. Meet new people. Try something new. Mingle. Learn. Travel. Grow.  Find new ways to bring meaning to your life.

The Happiest Color

I’m so happy that living coral has been chosen as the Pantone “color of the year” as it is my favorite happy color.  And it just happens to be the color we chose for our business logo too (Flaunt Boots.)   Here are a few photos I’ve used with my happy color! This is my…

Happy While Healing

Oops. You are in a medical walking boot. You’ve injured yourself. How you deal with your healing process is up to you. Give in and feel miserable or go at it and conquer it.